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 Sling Mount     

 Support Hand 

 Pistol Grip      


 Cheek Piece  


Support Hand

There are two separate elements to this, a handstop and a handrest.

The handstop looks like a simple doorstop style, but it is not.

The major benefit of this handstop is that it can rotate around the barrel. The natural position for the handstop is to fit between the thumb and index finger and this is not located vertically under the rifle.

It is also threaded to accept a fitting for a standing position handrest.

The handrest, which sits in the palm of your support hand,
can be rotated on all axes.

The major benefit of this handrest is that it can be set to enable the support hand to be a continuous extension of the support forearm, which can eliminate the pain so often felt with traditional rifles. This new design provides for the support hand a:




Natural hand position

The combined effect of the three independent elements - sling mount, handstop and handrest - is a dramatic increase in the comfortable fit of the rifle to the shooter. As a result, this new RMFTC stock is very forgiving, because it does not have to be set up perfectly for it to feel very comfortable.

The full range of movement with this handrest is shown in the Technical Specification, which can be accessed in the downloads section of this website.



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