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Good Shooting is simple, there are only three elements:



Shot Release

So how is performance improved? The usual approach is to use the best/most appropriate equipment and practice. The design for this revolutionary stock came after a lot of practice whilst the designer was in the Great Britain national squad. At this time he was using a considerably modified traditional wooden stock and helped the team win the gold medal for Britain in the 2000 Nordic championships. However, there were three areas where the designer felt improvements could still be made, which are not possible with a traditional (wood or metal) stock:

maintain position for any cant angle

pistol grip further forward

breech further back for minimal movement to load

At this time the designer also started to use an electronically controlled trigger. This trigger could be set lighter and have less creep than is possible with a mechanical trigger.

The initial trigger problems are overcome with a new design for the electronic circuit which has a very low current drain; this circuit can provide a minimum of 80,000 shots from a long life PP9 battery. If the circuit is not switched off it will take up to 3 months to flatten the battery!

The solution to varying cant is with clamping the components around a tube.

To locate the grip anywhere and have the trigger move with the grip, is achieved by fitting the trigger mechanism inside the pistol grip.

To make loading much easier is achieved by sliding the components forward along the tube(s), thereby maintaining your position whilst the breech moves backwards.

Once started on this design the opportunity was taken to provide a solution to all of the problems found with traditional stocks in over 30 years of shooting.

A prototype of the stock was used in the 2005 American national championships to win the very last competition with a 39X 400.

A Bad Shot Release



These images are taken from the SCATT training program. They show a 50m target; nine ring, bull and X ring. The coloured line is where the rifle was pointing over a seven second period; green shows the initial five seconds, yellow the next one second up to firing, and red the final one second - the follow through after firing. The white circle represents where the bullet hole would appear.


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