Rifles Made

For Total Control

Each point of contact

is fully independently adjustable

for a PERFECT fit to the shooter











The rifle stock with electronic trigger is supplied complete with all necessary tools for adjusting it. Most of the adjustments are secured with a 4mm Allen key. However, some additional items have been found to be useful and further items will be made available if required. Click on the underlined item for full details.

Gunguard XLT double scoped rifle case

The rifle will fit straight into it without dismantling any parts from the rifle. This case does fit easily into most cars.

Foresight extension tube

Uses an offset cylinder for clamping, to ensure minimum interference with the sight line, and that the threads cannot be stripped.

Telescopic sights mounting

Allows the sights to be mounted forward of the breech, for suitable eye relief.

Forward cranked bolt handle

This modifies the customers bolt, to make it easier to use.

Ammunition testing at Eley

A special clamp is at the test range, with a flying lead to operate the trigger remotely, as the pistol grip is removed for testing.

With prior agreement, selected ammunition may be taken directly from the test range.

Full-bore version of the stock

Currently designed to take a Remington 700 short action.

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