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Ammunition Testing at Eley

A special clamp is at the test range, with a flying lead to fire the gun. In order to fit the clamp into Eley's vice the pistolgrip (with the trigger) is removed from the stock, and a flying lead to a small microswitch is connected.


The special clamp is just visible behind the bolt, it is shiny blue.


Bert Brookes, Eley's chief range officer, about to fire a shot. His left hand is holding the microswitch between thumb and index finger. His right hand is poised ready to operate the bolt and insert a new round. He has no physical contact with the rifle at all whilst firing the shot.

With prior agreement, selected ammunition may be taken directly from the test range.

The testing procedure is now well established and provides an excellent system to determine the optimum batch of ammunition for your rifle. The differences between batches and rifles can be surprising.

Basically you fire a series of 10 shot groups, with each of the different batches available. Select the most promising batches and fire a further 3 sets of 10 shot groups with each of these batches, then let the computer work it all out and print the results.

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