Rifles Made

For Total Control

Each point of contact

is fully independently adjustable

for a PERFECT fit to the shooter











 Sling Mount     

 Support Hand 

 Pistol Grip      


 Cheek Piece  


Overall Advantages

Traditionally some compromises are necessary. A shooter has to fit themselves to the stock and disturb their position to load the rifle. The new RMFTC stock allows a natural position to be adopted, through the full independent adjustment for each point of contact. Now the shooter can maintain the most comfortable position, and not disturb it whilst loading the rifle.

Specific Benefits for the three key elements of good shooting:


The majority of people find it necessary to cant the rifle in order to look through the sights and maintain an upright head position. The degree of cant will vary according to the individuals physique. On traditional rifle stocks, as the cant is increased, the various contact points are rotated further away from their optimum position. The new RMFTC design allows rotation of all points about the barrel centreline, so they may be set for their optimum position at any cant angle.


The most stable hold will occur when the shooter is as relaxed as possible. On traditional stocks, both the support hand and the trigger hand will usually have two twists in the wrists. Over time these twists will introduce muscle fatigue, leading to pain and tremors. The new RMFTC design allows the rifle to be set up so that the wrists are a continuous extension of the forearm, i.e. the most relaxed position possible.

The resultant increase in stability of the hold helps with the first few shots but especially for the later shots:

One can wait comfortably for the right conditions (wind/light changes) to fire the shot.

Olympic finals can be completed without putting the rifle down between shots.


A good shot release requires the operation of the trigger whilst maintaining the hold and the aim. If a lot of force is required to operate the trigger, this can not only disturb the hold at the moment of release but will also increase the actual hold pattern. The majority of shooters seeking extreme accuracy therefore look for a light trigger with little creep. The electronically operated trigger with this stock is able to be set lighter and with less creep than any mechanical trigger.



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