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The requirements for a good butt are that it should fit comfortably, consistently, and securely in the shoulder, as well as being adjustable to influence the recoil. This new RMFTC design uses a non stretch webbing material which will mould itself to the shape of your shoulder so ensuring a perfect, comfortable fit. The upper arm of this butt can rotate to provide a clamping action onto your shoulder to ensure a very secure consistent location. The major benefits from this butt design are:

Simple to adjust

Perfect fit

Very secure

Consistent Position

Some consider the ideal recoil characteristics to be straight back, i.e. no up or down movement when the rifle is fired. This is achieved by moving the butt height on the rifle, and the RMFTC design has a very large range of adjustment. The full range of movement with this butt is shown in the Technical Specification, which can be accessed in the downloads section of this website.

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