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With traditional rifles the breech and trigger are integral. It is possible to change the effective position of the breech on traditional rifles, by changing the butt length. However, the effect of this is that the trigger moves to an unacceptable position. Hence the conventional approach to setting the butt length is to seat the butt in the crook of the arm and adjust the length such that the trigger finger can sit on the trigger. This often results in the breech being too far away to load easily, and some compromise is usually settled on.

This new RMFTC design uses an electronic trigger which is not in a fixed position relative to the breech, and now no compromises are necessary. The initial set up is similar to that for conventional rifles accept that instead of placing the trigger finger on the trigger, the tip of the finger is placed in the breech (as if pushing in a live round). Then the pistol grip is positioned such that the trigger is slightly forward of the breech.

There are three major benefits with this new design:

No disturbance to position whilst loading

Minimum of movement required to load

More stable position with the pistol grip further forward

The full range of movement for the breech is shown in the Technical Specification, which can be accessed in the downloads section of this website.

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