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Gunguard XLT double scoped rifle case (external size: 48"x14"x4")

case with a complete rifle

The rifle will fit straight into it without dismantling any parts from the rifle. This case does fit easily into most cars.


All the necessary tools (which are supplied with the rifle stock) at the right end of the case: spanner, 2 screwdrivers, 5 allen keys.

The buttplate assembly has been rotated 180 degrees so that the bolt can be removed easily from the rifle (as shown) and the rifle may be cleaned easily. This rotation is easily achieved by simply slackening the single clamping lever, rotating the butt assembly, and retightening the clamping lever.

Although it is likely that the pistolgrip is rotated outwards for use, it is best rotated to it's central location for transport in the case. This rotation is achieved easily by using the supplied 4mm Allen key to slacken the rearmost of the two locking screws on the pistolgrip mount, then rotate the grip, and then retighten this screw.

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